wasting my life

Ten years ago on my sixtieth birthday, on a whim, I picked up a DVD in a local book shop. It was a full of magic tricks by a guy named Jay Sankey and i spent that night and many after that pouring over the delectable secrets revealed.

It felt like I was sneaking a peak at stuff I shouldnt be looking at..like porno or communist propoganda or the glow of my neighbours stupid tv. But it was good and I only wanted to see more and more.

The first time I did a double lift with my brand new deck of cards I performed it behind closed doors in a dark and private room all alone – all by myself. Watching the two of clubs rise to the top of the deck was a stunning moment. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I could not believe my hands.. I watched this card in my own hands clearly inserted into the middle of the pack…I then wintessed that very same card (i had signed it on the face with a black Sharpie) appear on the top of deck.

I had amazed myself.

It was two years after buying the Magic DVD that I realized I was wasting my life

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