Give a man enough rope

I need to get in more.

I’ve been doing years of shows in Seniors residences and facilities and hospitals and health care centres that I’m spoiled by the big spaces, room to move, hide things with a twist or a gesture.  Its time to take the Rabbit into the homes and parties where everything is close and tight and claustrophobic…and scary as hell and dangerous for a magician.

I’m starting small scale.  Did a coin vanish for the young son of my boss at the Christmas party and still have my job….did a cut and restore rope effect for friends at a dinner party – they let me stay for dinner.

So i walk around now, pockets stuffed with sponge balls, rope, scissor, weird wallets, coins, Sharpies, playing cards and thread and newspaper. I really really hope i don’t get stopped and searched…that would be a real show stopper.

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