All I have to do to make friends and casual acquaintances laugh and wink is to tell them that I perform Magic for Seniors and Hospital shut-ins. I guess they figure that it is the easiest audience you could possibly find, considering the mental state brought on by drugs, infirmity and just plain old age.

It isn’t,

The fairest thing we can experience is the mysterious. (The person who) can no longer feel amazement is as good as dead, a snuffed-out candle.

Albert Einstein

A bit harsh perhaps but Mister Einstein had a good point. Actually, he made a few more good points during his time and then opened a Magic show for all of us that will last an eternity. Or maybe even longer.

My humble opinion is that no-on experiences a mysterious moment unless he or she knows what’s going on to begin with. Mystery is not the same as ‘not knowing’….mystery is about experiencing a trip to that uncommon and seemingly inexplicable moment of wonder and enjoying both the trip and the sudden flash at the destination.

A bit like watching an eddy in a running brook…we behold and enjoy the beauty of the swirling pattern dancing below us and we get what a stream is and where it’s coming from and going and how we got there… although we can’t see the rock that is creating the eddying effect under the surface of the water.

It’s the same with a Magic trick, and with some audiences the Magician has to work much harder and be very careful and sensitive to the reception of his work.

It’s far too easy to lose people along the way to the climax…you don’t want to do that. That,s called a failure, and I should know ….it’s a constant companion as I try to grow and succeed.

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