All I have to do to make friends and casual acquaintances laugh and wink is to tell them that I perform Magic for Seniors and Hospital shut-ins. I guess they figure that it is the easiest audience you could possibly find, considering the mental state brought on by drugs, infirmity and just plain old age. […]

Give a man enough rope

I need to get in more. I’ve been doing years of shows in Seniors residences and facilities and hospitals and health care centres that I’m spoiled by the big spaces, room to move, hide things with a twist or a gesture.  Its time to take the Rabbit into the homes and parties where everything is […]

By the sea

Two years ago on Boxing Day i met her on the beach. It was a cold morning; the sky purple grey, the frosty air whipping up caps on the lumpy sea.She spoke to me as if she knew me.“I tossed his ashes in the Irish sea‚Ķ that was years ago now”, she said as she […]

wasting my life

Ten years ago on my sixtieth birthday, on a whim, I picked up a DVD in a local book shop. It was a full of magic tricks by a guy named Jay Sankey and i spent that night and many after that pouring over the delectable secrets revealed. It felt like I was sneaking a […]